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Newt Guilbault Community Baseball League - Sponsorship Banner Application 2024

Newt Guilbault Community Baseball League appreciates your support!

To maintain our youth baseball program it takes an enormous amount of commitment from our players, coaches, parents, and especially our community. We would like to invite your business to become a sponsor of our league through our Sponsorship Banner Program. A banner designed specifically for your business will be prominently displayed for our entire baseball season giving you the recognition you deserve for supporting Newt Guilbault Baseball. Your business will receive maximum exposure for the Spring Baseball Season, Tournament Baseball Season, and Fall Baseball Season. As an added appreciation, we will post your business in the sponsor section of our league’s website and encourage our friends and family to patronize your business.

  • The cost for an initial sponsorship banner is $200.00, and you can renew your sponsorship after that for $150.00.
  • Banners are displayed on the outfield fences of our baseball fields from April through October each year.
  • Banners measure 3’ (height) x 4’ (length) and will be tailored to your business.

Thank you for your support of the Newt Guilbault Community Baseball League Sponsorship Banner Program!

Newt Guilbault Community Baseball League League President – Kyle Cogswell

Tax ID #84-4601863

Please Contact our Fundraising Coordinator:  Nichole Demers at 413-512-0434 or with any questions.

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