2022 Championship Series

See info below about the upcoming championship series

What a perfect couple of days for baseball!

Congratulations to Booskas for defeating GSB and TFAC for defeating Pips. All players were there to win the semi's and they played their hearts out! We are very proud of each and every player for their hard work. We are also grateful to the families in our league for the sacrifices you make between work, other kids' activities, running your household and everything in between. We thank our umps who also put Newt first and enjoy our league. Finally, to the fans who cheer on the hit on the opposing team, the walk off run, the out of the park homerun that hits the scoreboard (!!!) and the concession stand support. We love Newt Guilbault and we thank you!

On to the Championship series! This is a best 2 out of 3 series as well.

GAME 1: TFAC (#1 seed: undefeated 18-0) will host Booskas (#2 seed: 12-6) on field 1 on Monday 6/13/22 at 5:30pm.

GAME 2: same as above on Tuesday 6/14/22 at 5:30pm

GAME 3: same as above (if needed) on Wednesday 6/15/22 at 5:30pm

raindates are Thursday 6/16 and Friday 6/17

In the Rookies division we congratulate Travel Kuz for completing an undefeated season and to the Elks for finishing strong as well. The future of Newt Guilbault is looking great!

See you at the ballfields on Monday!